Battle of the Sanctuary

We offer you several articles to present you in more detail SEIYA – MUB.

We start with the 12 houses of the Gold Saints

The base of Seiya-MUB represents the ascension of the 12 houses of the Gold Saints, leading to the Palace of the Pope.

We can find the 12 extremely detailed temples there despite their size.
Indeed, thanks to our partner Formlabs, we were able to print at an extremely precise level. You can also notice the roses that cover the steps between Aphrodite's house and Pope's palace. 

Inside the houses, a flame reflecting the sign of the house is also present.
Via several programmed LED sequences, it can be turned on or off at the same time as the clock, present on Seiya's back.

The ascent taking our heroes 12 hours, we can note the nuance of the painting which reflects this passing time. From the house of Aries, under the sun, to the Palace of the Pope reached when night fell.

See you soon for other details on SEIYA - MUB!

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