Tsume Evolution
Towards a reduction of delivery times

One of Tsume's wishes has always been to reduce delivery time. However, despite several attempts, we never really succeeded.`

However, today we are closer than ever to this goal.
And we owe it to you.

It is thanks to your unfailing support over the years that we have achieved
this development today.

This launch marks the start of faster shipments, firstly onthe Ikigai range
before expanding to other ranges in the future. In fact, from Minato, future
Ikigai pre-orders will now be delivered to you within 1 to 6 months!

 The final goal being to move from pre-order status to order, with
products on stock.


Please find below information regarding these future pre-orders.

Limited Edition

The limited edtion of each Ikigai will be 2000 pieces max. 

The certificates will therefore be established by default on this quantity.


Part of the total production will already be in transit to our depots at the time of pre-order. This first wave of production corresponds to a sales estimate and represents a good part of the total production. The rest of the production will be done later, depending on demand. 

Waiting lists will be put in place to estimate this quantity.


At launch, a delivery period will be indicated for
the first wave of production.

Upon receipt, priority will be given to sending address confirmation emails to fully paid orders. 

The statues will then be sent by order of confirmed address and shipping costs paid if necessary. 

I repeat, we are aware that this evolution is possible thanks to you, your support and your patience.

We are also aware that we still have products in production and being delivered.

To thank you, we are granting a -10% discount to all our customers who have a pre-order in progress on the site.
 This discount will automatically be applied to your cart.

Important reminder: Your order can only be sent once it has been paid in full and the delivery address has been confirmed. This even if the statues are available before the end of your deadline

Creation Update
July 2024